The Sign of the Fab Four

Picture, if you can, the following scenario. You’re at a friend’s place. The two of you are having a few beers, or a bottle of wine, it doesn’t matter which. Your friend – we’ll call him Sidney – is playing old vinyl records. So far, so good. Now for this scenario to work as intended, […]

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This is England, yes?

Originally posted on the WAY Facebook page… ‘Tonight I drift off to sleep somewhere between 2 and 2:15 AM. I realise for some that’s dreadfully late. For me this – as the medical boffins would have it – is a result.

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Widow Perk

Originally posted on the WAY Facebook page… ‘/wɪdəʊ pəːk/ noun informal an advantage or benefit arising from a particularly shitty situation, as experienced by a widow. “she didn’t have to send any Christmas cards to the filthy in-laws, a widow perk that saved her money too”

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Bad Sitcom

Sometimes I imagine grief to be like Harvey from the classic film of the same name. He follows me around everywhere. No-one can see him but me. Except grief isn’t a six foot rabbit, he’s a dude with a baseball bat. If my life was a bad sitcom it would probably be called Grief & […]

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Why write?

Nothing will dominate your life quite like the death of your soulmate. So why put it writing? Why linger on agonies? Why not just talk about it? Perhaps with other widows? I do, smartypants. The best and smartest move I made after Jan died was to seek allies. I’m not sure where I’d be today […]

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Grief is…

I wrote the following 5 weeks and 5 days after Jan died. I’ve left the text unchanged. I don’t need to read it again myself, nor do I want to. It’s impossible to describe how you feel when you’ve just lost your soulmate. But I wanted to try, for the sake of my amazing friends […]

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